KCR Ensemble 

K for Kindness, C for Charity, R for Respect 

KCR Ensemble, co-founded by Charlotte Evelyn Jones and Rita Hassell, has been performing across the Chicago Metropolitan area since March of 2000 for Corporate, Professional, Social and private events. 

KCR Ensemble is a group of Ten female musicians who are committed to performing Jazz, Blues, and Contemporary music while maintaining other professional careers. 

KCR Ensemble has been recognized in the Chicago print, radio and television media and has received prestigious awards: 

            2007 --- Featured in Chicago Tribune Magazine in January; 

                       --- Profiled on Chicago Public Radio "848" program on                                         August 31st 

                      --- Documented in WGNTV-Channel 9  Cover Story                             "Soul Sisters" by News anchor Allison Payne in February -                             "Soul Sisters" was nominated for an EMMY Award 
                            by the Chicago Midwest Chapter of the National                                                Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in November 

                    --- Recipient of African American Arts Alliance  Black                                             Excellence Award -- Outstanding Achievement in Jazz                                    Music in October 

         2008 --- Featured live on ABC7 Morning News Show with Linda Yu                            and Judy Su  in April 

Our Motto:   
“We are so Inspired, We love to be Hired” 

Our Website: KCREnsemble.net 

“ KCR Ensemble is a vehicle to showcase women, with musical instruments, performing live music that people enjoy ” – 
Rita Hassell  "Band Leader"

KCR Ensemble